Life as a software/game developer

Hi, I'm Robert, an experienced software developer with over 20 years of experience since 2000.

With my small team we are working hard to make game development easier and more fun. We love building games, combining our technical development knowledge with our passion for games and the artistic side of us. It's this blend of skills and enthusiasm that drives us to create unique and enjoyable gaming experiences.

Life as a Maker

So, I discovered something pretty cool—It gives me happiness and joy when I'm building stuff with my hands. It's like there's this whole magical vibe to it, especially after spending ages stuck behind screens. Lately, I've been diving into all kinds of hands-on projects—woodworking, tinkering with electronics, dabbling in robotics, crafting miniatures and dioramas, and getting artsy and crafty. It's been a journey, just trying out whatever sparks my interest, you know?

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